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EDAC Engineered Solutions specializes in both the design and manufacture of highly sophisticated fixtures, precision gages, close tolerance plastic injection molds, precision component molds for composite parts and specialized machinery.

Located in the Cheshire Industrial Park, Cheshire, CT, EDAC Engineered Solutions was founded in 1944 as APEX Machine Tool Company.

Today we occupy a modern 294,000 square foot, state of the art facility. Fully staffed to meet your needs, Engineered Solutions is acknowledged as one of the finest and largest design and manufacturing shops in the United States.

A unique combination of the industry's most skilled toolmakers and machinists and leading edge technology has enabled Engineered Solutions to provide exacting quality to customers who require tolerances to +/- .0001 in.. Consequently, we supply a diverse clientele with the most complex and most accurately manufactured prototype and production tools, molds, component parts, composite tooling, and gages available today.